The Campaign 2018

The Tree Planting Campaign activities started in early 2018 and only in Phnom Penh and Kampong Thom province. The campaign founder, members and volunteers have started to raise awareness, educate people and raise charity fund from friends, then, expanding to the neighboring communities, schools and pagodas, the places and the people who knew what we were trying to do. They could donate as much as they can but One Tree is only One US Dollar.

The challenges in starting the tree planting initiatives are the belief and the trust of the people over the campaign. From the beginning, the people most likely don’t believe the campaign and concerned on charity fund collected will be used for the personal purpose and not for planting trees.

So every place our campaign team arrived, we come with supporting Letter from Communities and Letter from Governor to show people that our One Million Tree Planting Campaign is a Legal Charitable Action. We work from our heart and soul for the benefit of the Cambodian rural communities. With supporting letter from Governor and Buddha principle, our campaign team gained a very strong support, trust and belief from the communities and friends.

We also use Buddhism as a mean to reach out people. Ven. Chea Sovansammony, the Monk of Sleng Pagodo is the dedicated Campaign Members, went with us all over the places introducing our campaign and educating people based on Buddha principle.

In 2018, our Campaign team collected a total of 1200 US dollar which is equal to 1200 trees. All 1200 tree seedlings have all been planted in Khmom Trakor Tlok Russey Community Forestry in Trapeang Thmor village, Trapeang Russey commune, Kampong Svay district, Kampong Thom province.

Though it is not hitting the target for Year 1-2018 but our committee felt it is a very good start and it inspires our team to move the campaign forward. In appreciation of the financial support, our campaign committee wish to thank to all donated people as mentioned in the Donation List attached herewith.